Swim Party Decoration

Swim Team Centerpiece

I was asked to make six centerpieces for our swim team banquet.  I was given a few pictures of examples to go on.  Here was one of the finished products:


I think it could have looked better.  I did not love the white styrofoam ball but I couldn’t figure out how to modify it.  I contemplated painting it, but what color…peach?  Tan?  Brown?  I decided the most PC thing I could do was leave it as a styrofoam ball.  Our swim team colors are red and black and that explains the pipe cleaner hair.  The eyes and mouth are made from pipe cleaners as well.  I struggled with an idea to use as the base.  I purchased blue mason jars and hoped they would symbolize water.  I cut out some of the ball and hot glued it to the jar.  The last detail was the mini chalkboard tag that I had left over from  Christmas.  I wrote our swim team name on it with a white colored pencil.  This small project took a billion hours to complete.  Thank goodness for Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.  To save time, I added a swim cap to one of the centerpieces.  This “swimmer” did not need as much hair!










Tassel Garland

Tissue Paper Garland


Tissue paper tassel garland is an easy and inexpensive decoration to make.  My friends will argue that it is even easier to buy.  Although, by making it yourself, you can customize it to match your theme.  I like to use a thin burlap rope for my string.  The little details are what will make your decorations “pop” at your party.


* 1 sheet of tissue paper per tassel

* scissors

* jute or thin burlap rope

* hot glue


1.  Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and in half the other way.

2.  Cut strips toward the fold to create fringe.   Leave 1 inch uncut at the fold.

3.  Unfold your tissue paper.

4.  Roll tightly down the middle crease.

5.  Fold in half and hot glue the tissue to your rope.





















Party Bar Cart

DIY Party Bar Cart



I made this beauty for my friends 40th birthday party.  We needed a cute bar cart and I had been eyeing some on Pinterest.  I purchased a sturdy baby changing table for the base but wanted to modify the shape.  I was unsuccessful at removing the top curved rails, so I added a straight piece of wood to the back rail to define the back of the cart.  I sprayed the cart with Krylon’s Gloss Ocean Blue and lined the shelves in a fun chevron heavy duty contact paper that I purchased at Homegoods.  I painted some paper mache letters black that I found at Hobby Lobby and adhered them to the back rail.  I found a stainless steel mini basket and attached it to hold napkins and a bottle opener.  The cart needed wheels and I found some lying around and screwed them on to make it official.  The bar cart was complete but in my eyes, it still looked like a baby changing table.  Ugh.  I brought it to my girlfriends house, loaded it with bar essentials and a cute handmade party garland (tutorial to follow).  I placed it in front of a big tree and strung lights on the lower branches.  It was a night to remember and the bar cart looked great in front of the twinkling lights!